What brings you Joy?

What is joy? How do you know if you are joyful? Is it just another word?

No, it is an emotion, a feeling. How many times in a day do you go into a daydream and acknowledge the small things that bring you joy? How about saying to yourself, “I choose to feel joy” today?

Often you spend time focusing on other everyday stuff, like what will I have for dinner? I don’t want to be late for my meeting, and so many more thoughts about just anything. So much that you overlook the small things that happen and could bring you joy and feed your soul. Also, get that rush of good endorphins running around your mind and body.  The brain processes 400 Billion bits of information a secondBUTwe are ONLY aware of 2,000 of those?” -Dr. Joseph Dispenza,

What brings me joy

 I aim for a 20-minute walk most days. I am taking time for myself and taking exercise. My mind quietens my mind while I connect to nature. In the morning, I sit, look at the trees outside, and listen to the birds.  My day starts with gratitude and appreciation.

The day I saw a handsome young man with his Dexters Midnight Runners green hat on with soft dark brown curls creeping out from underneath. Oh, how good it is to think back to those days. That young man became my husband.

Looking at my firstborn baby and her perfect red rosebud lips and button nose.

When a stranger smiles at me or opens a door.

Let’s pause a moment

Just sit quietly for 2 minutes and recall your day. Did anyone say thank you to you? Or smile at you? Maybe you could journal three things in the morning to look forward to and look back on the day’s three things you enjoyed or were grateful for. I often give this exercise to potential clients before agreeing to work with them.

Is there a memory from being a child, or the day you met that someone special, maybe an achievement that gave you that great emotion of joy?

What is it that you see in your mind’s eye? Can you hear any associated sounds? Maybe you have got a funny sensation in your tummy; possibly, your heart is racing a little faster.

What can you do today to find joy?

What about everyday life? Is it possible to pause throughout your day? Maybe you could set the alarm on your phone every hour and a half. Look out the window and take note of the sky. Sometimes the clouds create pictures for you.

Maybe smile at someone in the office or in the street. You may just find yourself being surprised at the response from others.

Just find one small thing that will bring you joy in a moment.

Please feel free to share the things that bring joy to you.

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