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Alcohol is a colourless volatile flammable liquid which is produced by the natural fermentation of sugars.

An interesting encounter happened to me the other evening.

While attending a Toastmaster evening event, The group was asked to share our goals and aspirations. So I shared mine. “I want to create workshops where mums that are struggling to cope, having anxiety-or depression related issues and are dealing with them through alcohol. (a topic close to my heart) or recreational drugs.

A lady approached me in the break to speak further about my venture. From the way, the conversation went, it was evident that we shared the common ground of having been abusers of alcohol. As the conversation progressed, she advised on a platform for sobriety.

I am not quite sure what my response was? but she proceeded to ask “do you not advocate abstinence?” “no” I replied. Alcohol is not the problem; the thinking about alcohol is the problem.


I would 100% support what works for the individual in question. I also stand by what you believe is right for you, and if sobriety is what you desire, I encourage you in that completely. There are occasions when abstaining is both recommended and essential. 

Alcohol still remains in our society and media

Irrespective the clients that I work with have a request of taking-back control of their drinking behaviour. Because being able to drink when socialising instead of at home on their own. Which often looks like this. They are sneaking a glass or even a bottle of wine when no-one is looking.

Once they are honest about what they are doing we can be curious as to what is beneath the behaviour

There is and growing movement now among a younger generation that is completly abstinent by choice. Not because anyone told them that they are alcoholics or they have all gone through AA or a rehab programme.  Some actually have!

No just because they have decided through a range of thoughts that they just do not want to drink. See article:

Where I am coming from is putting the most believed story on its head. Alcohol is not the problem!

“Ahah really”? I hear you say.

Well alcohol is one of the oldest substances man has created and enjoyed.

What about the mother or doctor that uses alcohol for disinfecting a child’s wound or in the operating room? How many of you rinse your mouth with an alcohol-based mouthwash?

Yes, and there are other uses also and NOT always for the good of the human race. It causes devastation in families of an alcohol-abuser. Drivers under the influence cause unnecessary accidents and not to the mention the abuse and toll over the years on ones own mind and body.

So where would we be without good old fashioned alcohol? For more information see the link:                                                                                      

I have known fat people and thin people,

People with eating disorders, either overeating or under eating, do I say that we should ban all food? No, I do not, nor do you. am certain that there are plenty of judgements or stories told around the subject though.

Have you or anyone that you know been into hospital and been given morphine? Maybe a grandma for a hip replacement?

I ask you, did they all come out and demand a phone number to get the lastest BoGoF offer to be delivered to their door by their new best friend, the drug dealer? The chances are that the answer to this scenario is yes to the morphine and no to the drug dealer.

So what is different about alcohol?

Not everyone that took a drink became an abuser of alcohol.

The reason we abuse any of the above, drugs, food, alcohol or any other form of addiction, is our thoughts. I can not say what any individual is thinking or feeling. What I can say is that they often have feelings and ideas they don’t enjoy. They most often have a sense of disconnection: no real purpose or belonging.

Maslow Hierarchy of Needs states that we need food and shelter 1st and foremost, then safety and security. The 3rd tier is love and belonging. A need for a strong foundation is required for each level to sit on the next one up. So often in our western society, we feel and think that we have to work harder and longer and then we can have more. And yet we are missing the human connection of family and friendship. There are many personal reasons, and everyone has a unique back story to how their model of the world. 

There is hope and many different ways to take back control of a behaviour that isnt serving you. If you would like to have a chat contact me

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