Glass floors, 1,000 metres up?

Open sided latice iron work arch bridges across gorges that have stood for tens of years and safely carried thousands of pedestrians….


These gave me stomach butterflies; nausea; visual disturbances; racing heart rate; raised breathing and petrification if I went near anything that had that “openess” into space with nothing to support me…

They are perfectly safe – obviously – or they wouldn’t be there.
But no; my body tells me:- “don’t – cos you will fall through / fall off….”

A “chat” (consultation) with Dawn was very productive and a follow up with an audio (….you know what up put in here…), I found myself walking down an open flight of stone steps attached to the side of a castle wall whilst on holiday in Cyprus.

AND – on my Nordic walking sessions, I have, TWICE, walked across the iron aqueduct at Cosgrove.

Albeit, I needed a stabilising deep breath and telling myself that ‘it is all good’….. and it was. The awful fear had all but dissipated – the feelings were still there, greatly decreased but I could rationalise with myself and make the “walk”….

Still not sure about the glass floors though – another trip to Toronto, maybe…..?

Thank you, Dawn – you are a star! 🌟



Mel R

First Aid Trainer

Dawn helped me work through some personal issues with a family member, even the thought of seeing this person would fill me with dread. It got so bad that my body started to manifest the stress as allergies!
Over time since Dawn gave me hypnotherapy, my allergies have all disappeared and I am able to be in the same room as this person without feeling scared or threatened.
There you go, Dawn




Nursery school assistant

“Dawn has helped me immensely over the past 4 months with my depression and anxiety issues.

She’s taught me a range of techniques which I’ve been able to use to keep my anxieties under control.

I feel like I’m now able to cope with the stresses of work and that I’m getting back to my normal self again.

Thank you, Dawn!”



I spent a couple of hours with Dawn Griffith of D G Mind Therapy last week discussing food intolerances.

For some time now, I have been avoiding eating anything which contained wheat as every time I did, it would result in feeling bloated and very often I had stomach pains and difficulty in sleeping.

Dawn confirmed that I was intolerant to wheat together with a few other things and then worked on getting my body to accept it. The whole process can only be described as bizarre – speaking to the body and muscle testing for answers – but I went along with it with interest.

This weekend, we were away in London and so I ate bread/toast and muffins for breakfast in the hotel and we went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. All in all, I had a bit of a wheat overdose and guess what, no feeling bloated and no stomach pains. Amazing!

So, I have no hesitation in recommending Dawn – unbelievable results in super-quick time. Thank you, Dawn. Feeling wonderful!


Angela R

HR Director

I visited Dawn at a time I was struggling with depression and major anxiety. She helped guide me through my issues, teaching ways to manage and resolve them. I can honestly say after the first session I felt 1000 times better.

Dawn was patient, gave me time to come out of my shell a little, and never pushed me to open up.

Our last session was a walk along the canal and an hour staring out over the river Ouse.

I would highly recommend her services.

Thank you, Dawn.

Ashley B



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