Following the theme of Spring is here and is now in full bloom. The mornings are lighter, and the evenings are longer. Yippee.

But what about mental health? After all, my work is with men and women suffering from overthinking, mind gremlins, and often poor mental health.

Let’s take a look at what is Mental health!


What is it we are referring to?

We speak about mental health as if it is something that only a few people have and only when suffering and in mental torture.


I get it! No, I really do

If I break my leg or arm, I will go to A&E to see a doctor, and he will reset the bone and place a plaster cast around the broken part. What happens next is pure magic in motion. Yes! I did say magic!

Off I go home, and hey presto, the bone starts to repair itself. Of course, the doctor facilitated that process by resetting the bone then placing it in a cast, but who or what did the actual repairing? A good question!


You are not broken

The same happens in therapy. You are not broken and do not need fixing. I was never broken, although there were times that I had felt as though I was. Yes! It is true. I have sat and cried just like many of you. I had thoughts that I no longer wanted to be here. It was painful; I felt the pain in my body and then assigned the thoughts. I would numb the thinking and painful feelings with my BF alcohol: emotional eating drugs and an array of ways also block out those feelings of not being enough, loved enough, rich enough, and so on.

Yes, I felt broken, and the terms used by the doctors and counsellors reinforced that belief.


We all have mental health

Just like we all have physical health, we all have mental health. The term mental health is referred to when someone is in mental torture with anxiety, depression, or worse. So, yes! It is essential to acknowledge others’ poor mental health just as it is when we have other physical ailments. However, I would like to point out that mental health is two words that have become part of everyday language over the past few years and are referred to as ill-health.


Mental health check-up

I think it is a positive that people of all ages feel more able to speak up when they notice that they are feeling in a bad way mentally. That the thoughts being experienced are causing significant pain emotionally and physically.

There is progress being made in the workforce, and employment laws have been made so that individuals can come forward without the fear of losing their position.

Corporate companies now have Mental Health first aid coaches bringing awareness to all staff and mental health champions that can support individuals.


What is happening, though?

So many like me have changed careers to support people suffering mentally. While working as a hairdressing lecturer, my interest began with NLP (neuro-linguistic programme). I continued training and became a QCH (Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist) trained therapist and followed on to study addiction.

It wasn’t until I attended a 3 principles meetup that an understanding of thought suddenly hit me like a hammer. February, my thinking about life used to be out of control. After I had attended that meeting, I woke up the following day with a different feeling. I couldn’t tell you what or why I was different.


What had happened

I had heard something the previous evening that suddenly pointed me to my thinking.

I saw that every February, I made up a story in my mind of not meeting financial commitments and then being left homeless. It hadn’t happened, yet I let my thinking travel to a future that didn’t exist. This is my anxious thinking. I spent time and energy on a future event that I am making up. Other times I get myself into a thought storm because maybe you looked at me funny, or I mistook the tone of your voice. I still have those thought storms or, as I say, “I am up in my thinking”, creating something that may or may not be valid. They just do not stay around for too long anymore.

When I stop, pause, check my breath, and at that moment, ask myself what is true? I mean absolutely true in that precise moment of that breath.

I can share with you that every time I check-in, everything is OK.

I may not be enjoying what is happening around me; Emotionally, I may be hurting because I think my children are not OK or because of a disaster in the world or closer to home. But can I be OK at that moment inside if all that is happening on the outside?

In that instance, I am OK, and the more OK I am, the more space I have to point you to be OK.

I have come to realise that it is OK to be OK. Feelings of ecstasy, deep depression, or anxiety never remain as long as we think.

E-motion is Energy in Motion. You and I are energy beings. My desire is for you to be able to raise your energy and to know that you are OK and perfectly imperfect, just like me.