Sobriety! Is it a living hell?

Sobriety! Meaning = living a life free of alcohol and drugs.

As I researched the meaning deeper, there were several descriptions, fundamentally though it is as described above.

I want to explore three things today

  1. Sobriety 
  2. Is it cool
  3. No regrets


Interestingly I read recently that some young people think that being sober is equal to a life of hell??

I would be interested to hear what you think? 

There are a new movement amongst young people in the UK living (what some call) clean and sober lives. They are advocating veganism and healthier food choices. They are also choosing to entertain friends with no or low alcohol substitutes. Despite all the things that we may consider that they are giving up, it appears that they are still having fun, enjoying others’ company, and living whole and valuable lives.¬†