How could we work together?

Are you ready to make the leap from distraction to focused and in control?

I work with men and women that have addictive and self-destructive behaviours that have taken control and affecting everyday life.

I create space in the mind so that you can find the strength, both in the body and mind to take control and fight back, in order to to achieve the peace of mind.



Due to Covid 19 restrictions I am currently working with clients through zoom until further notice

Are you struggling with Addiction or destructive behaviour?

You can visit me in a friendly and relaxing room in Olney, or the privacy of your own home through Zoom, an online channel of communication.



Addiction conjures up some very negative images and some out of date beliefs. Yet we all have a compulsion for something. It is whether it is leading to a life of mental pain of being controlled by something external to you, or the life of joy and happiness.

In today’s world that is forever changing, we are not limited to alcohol or recreational/pharmaceutical drugs. There is far more now than ever before that can lead to us being out of control and searching for fulfilment elsewhere. Do you rush home to get your binge on Netflix? Maybe the thought of being disconnected from your Social-media channel gives you palpitations. Are you comfort eating and wondering why you just find can not stick to a healthy diet always falling back into the old ways of snacking. Have you maxed out every credit card shopping online?

Unlike traditional psychology counselling, which could take 2-3 years or more. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a brief solution-focused therapy. We aim to focus on your solution or how you would be without the current problem.

Discovery call

Price – Free

Duration – 20- 30 minutes

A 20-30 minute session where we can have a conversation. You will be able to share a little about your problem and find out if if we can work together to move you away from your problem.

If I am not the therapist for you then I have many therpy aquaintances that I may be a more suitable fit.


Bronze package

Price – £325

Duration – 1 x 90 minute session

2 x 75 minute session


Each session is a combination of talking and relaxation.

Included is a personalised Mp3 hypnosis download

Silver Package

Price – £585

Duration 1 x 90 minute session

4 x 75 minute session

6 x sessions of 1-1 therapy including a Personalised Mp3 hypnosis download

1 x 45 minute Sekhem/Reiki healing session (£45.00)

Smoking Cessation

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Why not explore more about how Hypnotherapy can work for you?

For more information. You can contact me via email.

You can learn more about hypnotherapy packages I offer and If I am not the right therapist for you then I may know someone that may be better suited to your needs.

Transforming behaviours

Breakaway from your chrysalis, freeing your mind body and soul, taking back control of your life.