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Are you ready to make the leap from distraction to focused and in control?

I work with men and women that have self-destructive behaviours that are taking control and affecting their everyday life. I help them create space in the mind to find meaning and value. In order to to achieve the mind an dlife back in control.




Workshops are an introduction

to explore change work and find out more about yourself.

By working through six areas from the wheel of life. Career, family, finance/money, health & wellbeing, relationships and spiritual.

You will discover areas of your life that are working and the ones that are leaving you feeling out of balance. Overwhelm and a feeling of being burnt-out can lead to addictive behaviour, anxiety, and depression.

We all have beliefs that either drive or hold us back in our lives. You will discover which ones are creating adverse outcomes for you and find out how to re-tune the brain so that you can lead a life more in balance.

Working with companies

Working in companies to support individuals in the workplace.

As a company, you may have had a Mental Health First Aider deliver a workshop that raises awareness to staff along with recognising signs of mental ill-health.

Through the course they encourage the barriers to be broken down, to be able to listen in a non-judgemental way, and signpost to support for recovery.

I offer 1-2-1 support to individuals in the workplace that may have recognised that they would like to speak to someone privately. Sometimes the work-life balance spirals out of control leaving us little time to enjoy the things we go to work to earn the money for. Often family time suffers. Some people strive to do better for fear of losing their job. Many people substitute feelings and fear-based thoughts with addictive behaviours that end up taking over their lives and often their pockets. Through a few sessions of therapy, they can quickly resume a healthier relationship with the mind and give them a more fulfilled sense of control over their life.



Are you struggling with a behaviour that is no longer serving you?

Addiction conjures up some very negative images and some out of date beliefs. Yet we all have a compulsion for something. It is whether it is leading to a life of mental pain of being controlled by something external to you, or the life of joy and happiness.

In today’s world that is forever changing, we are not limited to alcohol or recreational/pharmaceutical drugs. There is far more now than ever before that can lead to us being out of control and searching for fulfilment elsewhere. Do you rush home to get your binge of Netflix? Maybe the thought of being disconnected to your Social-media channel gives you palpitations. Are you comfort eating and wondering why you just find can not stick to a healthy diet always falling back into the old ways of snacking. Have you maxed out every credit card shopping online?

Unlike traditional psychology counselling, which could take 2-3 years or more. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a brief solution-focused therapy. Our aim is to focus on your solution or how you would be without the current problem.

I offer packages starting from 3 x 90-minute sessions.

You can visit me in a friendly and relaxing room in Olney where we will work face to face or in the privacy of your own home through Zoom an online channel of communication.

Transforming behaviours

Break free from your chrysalis free your mind and take back control of your life. 

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