Spring is letting go.

Letting go of the old

We are releasing the old and bringing in the new. March has arrived, and Spring is here. As I walk and observe the landscape, I see the cherry blossom starting to appear, and daffodils and croci are beginning to flood the parks of Milton Keynes.

March and April is the time of new beginnings. Spring is the time when we clear out the cobwebs of the Winter, open the windows and let the fresh air into our homes. Finally, it is the end of the year’s calendar for those who follow astrology.

Time to clean

It is time to clear out the cupboards of the Winter food. Maybe you are considering a gentle detox? I recommend you seek advice from a nutritionist. They know more about the body’s work and what is best for you. Felicia Jones is a qualified nutritionist. A lady I take advice from when looking to make dietary changes.

Water is a great cleanser.

Water is another way to clean out our body’s system. You will feel cleaner and hydrated; your skin will look clearer and brighter, and you will have more energy. So often, when we are snacking on junk food like crisps and chocolate thinking that we are HUNGRY, we are, in fact, constantly dehydrated. Drinking water can reduce those times when we search the cupboards for hidden snacks. You know the ones that after they have gone, you still feel hungry and wish that you had not had. 

Putting on weight

I find myself snacking mindlessly whilst watching Netflix in the evening. However, as the lighter nights arrive, it is easier to do something else with the evenings instead of being curled up in front of the television, keeping cosy and warm. I bet there are a few of you that can relate! 

Cosy night in

As I am less active in the winter months, I put on weight and feel heavy and uncomfortable. So Spring is clearing out of my wardrobe and visiting my friend Jane, a personal image consultant. I then address my losing the additional 8lbs. I do this by eating less chocolate and crisps and doing more exercise. Things like walking and talking with friends, and yes, I have a gym membership.

In the Winter, we naturally hibernate; we are less active and could be more prone to anxious thinking.

Anxious thinking

Not getting out as much, not receiving vitamin D through the skin and having less sunlight can contribute to anxious thinking. Combined with more time to listen and watch the news, it is easy to fall into anxious thoughts, catastrophising over events that may or may not occur and falling into the trap of reliving past events. Here is the thing! If you cut open Dawn’s head and look into her little brain, the hippocampus (where memory is stored and organised), you will not find a 7-year-old riding a pony, NO! That was a memory, and yes, that was a good memory. Good or bad memory is precisely that, a memory, a thought from a past event. 

The Ego

The ego part of the brain is doing a great job of protecting us from further hurt and trauma by recalling the past to protect us in the future. 

But unfortunately, it also encourages us to look out for bad news, for a future event where I MIGHT not be safe!

I am not belittling or diminishing some of the awful things that happen to anybody. 

Horrendous crimes have been committed, including war crimes, where some victims suffer from severe trauma and PTSD. 

You can now understand your anxious thinking.

Maybe you can begin to see how we build images and stories that we do not KNOW will happen. Yes! Some people look quite logically at statistics but are they always correct?

So Spring is here, and you may feel you would like a detox. If you want some help detoxing from anxious thinking, download my free Anxiety – Challenge Self-Defeating Beliefs.

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