Are you thinking about shopping and spending money more and more?  Maybe you have to juggle credit cards and debt is beginning to spiral out of control.  If these types of issues are affecting you, you may have an emotional need that is not being met.

Do not despair!  Change is possible and not as hard as you may think.


Problems usually have their roots in the mind being in a state of fear. Anxiety is worrying about a future that hasn’t yet happened, and depression is where the mind is stuck in past events.

QCH-trained Cognitive Hypnotherapy aims to find the root of the issue, allowing you to let go of unhelpful thoughts and emotions keeping you stuck or making you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel.

The goal is to leave you free to create a future full of possibilities.

How does it work

The first thing to do is to contact me to arrange a 20-min discovery call to learn more about how Hypnotherapy works and how it can help you.

Now is the perfect time for you to make a change and create a fulfilling future free from the chains of addiction to spending.

There may be some pre-homework for one week before the session.


What have others experienced?

Dawn Griffith Hypnotherapy

I had questioned smoking for about a year, almost every day, yet couldn’t see how I was ever going to stop the dirty habit. That’s when Dawn stepped in. The hypnosis, the first time worked for 4 days then I caved in after a stressful day at work? couple more weeks of smoking then, Dawn suggested listening to the recording/download that she created for me. each day while smoking, and that 1 day I would just stop. Well…..she was right! it hasn’t been easy but Dawn’s skill, patience and understanding, as an ex-smoker herself, really helped. I have been 2 weeks today without any cigarettes, cold turkey and honestly say that I  am now a NON-SMOKER. (after over a decade of smoking every day!) I have no desire to light up, long may it continue. I fully recommend Dawn to anyone thinking of giving up, have the belief in yourself and believe in Dawn and you’ll do it! Thank you so much, Dawn, for setting me free!!!!





Manager, Westminster City Council


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1 x 90-minute session                                                    1 x 90-minute session

2 x 75-minute sessions                                                     5 x 75-minute sessions.

Cost =£397.00                                                                         Cost =£597.00


I am happy to answer any questions, and if I cannot assist personally, I may be able to introduce you to someone in my network who can.  Get in touch with me by filling out the form below. Get in touch with me by filling out the form below. Alternatively, book now for a free 20-minute discovery call.