I recently created a 6-week workshop called the ‘Develop your Intuition and Psychic workshop.

I was nervous; as some of you may already know, I use spiritual practices in my own life daily and I have been developing Intuition and mediumship for some years. In addition, I know many who work in the field of coaching and therapy and healing that also use intuitive skills.

But still, I have a lot of thinking about being taken seriously as a hypnotherapist. My thinking has been if you knew, you would think that I was bat s—t crazy.

Well, some already do (including my husband and children), and others are on the same page.

But is this all WooWoo?

The definition of Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. 

we shall allow our intuition to guide us.”

Psychic comes from the greek name Psyche which means soul or breath of life.

There is a myth or legend about Psyche being more beautiful than Aphrodite herself. Because Aphrodite was jealous of Psyche, she sent her son Eros (Cupid) to ensure that no man would ever wed Psche; instead, he fell desperately in love with her. You can read the story in the link provided. 

Psychic is connected to the soul or the life force, which is breath, the essence of the energy that came with you into this your human body. Some say soul, and others call it spirit. Einstein has already informed science that we are created with more space than matter, which is made of atoms, photons, protons etc. This is excepted by most as a fixed fact or theory and supported by science. 

So why are we afraid of something that we all have? What is it that our thinking about or speaking of gets us told that we might be crazy or worse?

You know, way back in the day of the middle ages, wise women and men were called witches and wizards. Now, that was okay for Merlin as he had King Arthur to protect him. He was also known as an Alchemist. If he were around today, he would be known as a scientist.

A Colorful Cartoon of a Wizard Holding a Magic Wand

So back to the original question, is this all woo-woo or is it science? 

Over the last ten years or more, science has become open to the possibility that scientists studying Metaphysics have validity in their hypothesis. There is evidence that we are more than the sum total of matter.

Trees communicate with each other along with other plants and life forms. Mushrooms or mycelium have a whole underground communication network, supporting the trees with their communication. Some of you may have watched the documentary film Fantastic Funghi I have, and I recommend it.

So if science tells us

So if science tells us that plants and animals can communicate between themselves without the spoken word, then what about us humans?

I ask you how many times you have had a thought about someone, and then suddenly, out of the blue, they contacted you. 

How about this! You had a thought or a strong feeling about something, maybe a journey. You ignored the feeling and the idea as silly, inconsequential, and unimportant. But later on, had you listened to the noise in mind and that feeling, the thing that went wrong or turned terrible may not have happened.

I know this has happened to you and me too. 

Thousands of years ago, the only way to communicate was by being in touch with how we felt. There was no thinking part of the brain, the part that we call the reptilian or brainstem, the survival part of us asking, “am I safe.” 

Then came the mid-brain, where our emotions and memories are stored, and it asks, “am I loved” Lastly, the executive brain comes on board and asks, “what can I learn from this”? 

In today’s westernised cultures, most of the time, the majority of us are required to use the thinking brain. Isn’t this great? It is probably how the great inventions of the last two or three centuries come about. 

I sit here typing this blog on a laptop, then posted in several places in the ether. For me, this is magic because I have no idea how all this internet and computer stuff works from information typed into a tiny microchip. But somebody out there KNOWS precisely how it works.

I TRUST that it does, and most of the time, it does.

You could learn to TRUST that you, too, KNOW now.

Is it woo-woo? I don’t think so; I know that you and I were born with this knowledge. Yet, at some stage, in our early years, we put it to bed, relying on others to support all our emotional and physical needs.

What could you achieve from this day forward if you used the telephone line to your own mind/wisdom and could hear and feel the answers to the questions you ask yourself or those of you visiting Tarot readers, intuitives/psychics and mediums? 

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