Hi, I'm Dawn

Sometimes the people around you wont understand your journey. They dont need to, its not for them.

Joubert Botha

Sometimes the people around you  it’s not for 

                      HPD – Hypnotherapy Practioner Diploma

                      DipCHyp – Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy

                      MNLP – Master Neuro-Linguistic Practioner 




                      Transforming your mind and behaviour.

                      I facilitate you taking back control of your mind and behaviours that are causing you confusion and pain—giving your life meaning and a sense of freedom and control. 

                      What led me Dawn Griffith on this path?

                       I have enjoyed a varied career

                       working in a range of roles and meeting people of different cultures and backgrounds. I left school with no clear career path, eventually deciding or rather being strongly encouraged on a 5-year apprenticeship in hairdressing.

                      After working for large hair companies and salons, I opened my own.

                      I continued training for hair product companies and full-time teaching at a college where I completed the professional teaching qualification. (PGCE).

                      In 2011

                      I Retrained and qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist and coach

                      I trained with Edge NLP and the Quest Institute studying with Trevor Silvester (author of Lovebirds and Grow) Founder of the Quest Institute.  

                      I furthered trained with Cathy Simmons http://cathysimmons.co.uk who specialises in smoking cessation. Also Human Givens addiction   https://www.humangivens.com/college/ along with Sekhem/Reiki, Emotional Freedom Therapy and Ask & Receive

                      You can visit me at my office in Olney, Buckinghamshire http://www.olneytreatmentrooms.com/pages/home/index.php

                      I work face to face or Online. Maybe even consider a mix of both?

                      Looking forward to meeting and facilitating you taking control of your mind and behaviours. Your life back in control.





                      The challenge You have an infinite amount of wisdom about your problems and the insecure that keeps you attached. The challenge for you has been making sense of it all while trying to figure out what to do about them.  

                      Working together will enable you to find the strengths and abilities that you already have inside of you This is because you possess everything you have ever needed to create your solutions. You can choose to move on from unwanted behaviours like addiction or phobias that no longer serve you.

                      Depression and anxiety; taking you from the weight of those unwanted heavy feelings and unwanted racing thoughts of being stuck or chained and having no-where to turn or run, to a feeling of lightness, inner calm and a new sense of freedom.

                      Peace, Joy, happiness is what you can achieve, and that means you will have more energy and freedom to achieve goals and dreams you may have been avoiding.

                       There has sometimes been a sense of no power because you are in the grips of anxiety and depression. Take back your power because you do deserve it.


                      “Mental health lies within the consciousness of all human beings, but it is shrouded and held prisoner by our own erroneous thoughts.”

                      Sydney Banks (1931-2009)


                      Dawn Griffith Hypnotherapy

                      I had questioned smoking for about a year, almost every day, yet couldn’t see how I was ever going to stop the dirty habit. That’s when Dawn stepped in. The hypnosis, the first time worked for 4 days then I caved in after a stressful day at work? couple more weeks of smoking then, Dawn suggested listening to the recording/download that she created for me. each day while smoking, and that 1 day I would just stop. Well…..she was right! it hasn’t been easy but Dawn’s skill, patience and understanding, as an ex-smoker herself, really helped. I have been 2 weeks today without any cigarettes, cold turkey and honestly say that I  am now a NON-SMOKER. (after over a decade of smoking every day!) I have no desire to light up, long may it continue. I fully recommend Dawn to anyone thinking of giving up, have the belief in yourself and believe in Dawn and you’ll do it! Thank you so much, Dawn, for setting me free!!!!




                      Manager, Westminster City Council

                      Dawn Griffith Hypnotherapy

                      Went to Dawn for help with my weight and some bad habits, but ended up getting so much more out of our sessions.

                      Had never done Hypnotherapy before, so was a little nervous about what to expect. Dawn must have realised this, and contacted me before our first meeting and sent me a video link. I needn’t have worried, Dawn is so approachable and enthusiastic that I instantly felt relaxed and in safe hands.

                      What came out of our sessions has been so positive for me personally. Not only do I feel less anxious and more confident, but Dawn’s sessions have encouraged me to take up writing professionally again. They also help me to appreciate the good things in my life, even simple pleasures like walking the dog. I can then use that positivity to move forward.

                      Each session ends with a wonderful relaxation, so you can walk out feeling refreshed. Dawn also sent me a downloadable audio clip, tailored to my needs, which I can listen to for instant relaxation. Have to confess that the relaxation is my favourite bit, although we have covered so much in our sessions.

                      I would not hesitate to recommend Dawn for anyone thinking about Hypnotherapy. I did my homework and looked at other potential therapists and can honestly say that I am happy that I chose Dawn to take me on this journey. The treatment has been so positive and while it cannot work as a cure-all, it can definitely help you to help yourself to make the changes you need to be happier.




                      Any Questions?

                      I am happy to have a chat further or answer any questions. If I am unable to assist or help you I may well know someone who can. You can get in touch with me by clicking the button below.