All too often, I am having conversations about people’s work. I hear, “I can’t complete the workload within my working day, so I work in the evenings and weekends to complete all the tasks”. “If I don’t do it, then it will not get done.”

What would happen

 If those seeming to be efficient and on top, all the time suddenly ground to a halt. Would the company close down? Would the world stop revolve?

No! everything would continue. 

Why do we think that ‘I am the only one that can do my job.’ 

Me too

I, too, used to think like this. However, I have not investigated the reason why. There is no need to keep digging into the past when we want more freedom to do the things that bring us joy.

I am dedicating April to this topic.

Is it workaholicism? I was a workaholic and believed that two things would happen if I didn’t work.

Let me share! 

There would be no food on the table for my children and husband. I would lose my home was the worst-case scenario. I believed that I was the only person capable of doing all the roles in my workplace. 

Was any of this true? 

I am not homeless

I still have a home; my children are now 32 and 34, and I have never lost a home!

Do I wish that I had done things differently? Not really. When I was working was when I was at my happiest. There was no feeling of the low vibrational emotions or the thinking accompanying them.

Who are you helping?

I searched getting your work done in 7 hours, and there were 16,170,000,000 results (0.54 seconds) 

Most offered help on getting more stuff achieved in less time. But is this useful when working for a company/employer that wants their pound of flesh? 

I have a friend that used to appear uber-efficient to other work colleagues. Unfortunately, it led to resentment towards her in the workplace. 


The employers saw that she was getting targets met and even had time for cigarette breaks. However, no one inquired as to how she achieved the results. 

Employers are not interested!

She would spend her evenings and weekends prepping her work to stay ahead of the game. When I worked for training and assessing employers and then as a college lecturer, I would take the work home—working 60+ hours when my contracts were 35-37 hours per week.

I eventually left the industry. I had watched as my colleagues were off on long-term sick. I had previously cut down on drinking and abusing alcohol but found that my consumption had risen considerably in the last nine months. I was telling myself that I needed a drink to unwind and cope. That was not the truth, but at least I was at a stage in my life where I could see the bigger picture and create change.

What about you

Are you happy in your place of work? There are plenty of people that enjoy their places of work. However, it does not mean that employers should take advantage of the staff. 

What can you do?

If you are not happy, it could be that a change is needed. List all the activities and things that bring you joy, look at what you are good at, and maybe do this activity with a close friend or partner. So often, we do not see ourselves as others do and, more often than not, are very good at belittling our achievements.

Update your C.V. and start the job of C.V.ing for employment where you will find fulfilment.

If you are happy with your work but not with the employer, let them know what it is that you would like to change. 

Yearly review

Every year managers sit with staff and review their performance. You may have to complete your review first and discuss it with your manager. Here is the perfect time to share your concerns. Feedback is a two-way street. I often hear this said, “what’s the point? They never listen anyway”, or “it’s always been that way; they’ll never change.”

 Do nothing if you can read thoughts and honestly know what the future holds.

Take action and change your destiny.

If anyone takes no action, then change can never happen. But on the other hand, taking a small action is how we evolve and grow. I am all up for woo-woo affirmations, feng shui and the law of attraction, and it works, but with all that, you still have to take action. 

No action, no change. 

Albert Einstein said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

I will also add links to two H.R. companies that can answer H.R..R.stions if you need advice. Or they may have a blog that will give you information.



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