Guilt causes us to be blocked

Guilt is an emotion I often hear people say they are feeling.
We are now entering the last week of September. Autumn. While preparing to go on holiday for the first week of October, I am also working on and in my business.

My work is about removing the blocks stopping you from living or participating in a life you may be dreaming of. Working with men and women fundamentally struggling with life issues. I tend to work with people suffering from PTSD, Trauma, Anxiety/Depression and Alcohol/drug abuse.

Significant Emotional Event

Underlying all the above issues is an emotional root cause that often manifests over the years. In therapy we call this an SEE.
Cause to effect.

I know I was not and am not alone

I think many of you will share a similar story, especially those of you that are empaths.
I used to have the emotion of Guilt so often. It would be a part of my daily life. “oh, I feel so guilty about XYZ.”
I had a strong sense of Guilt around parenthood and how I, all alone, was responsible for all the problems my children suffered from.

My own experience around Guilt.

Before I studied at the Quest Institute

I was researching the organisation. I had a meeting with Katie, who was a Cognitive Hypnotherapist in Olney. A small country town close to Milton Keynes.

I had already trained in a method called TimeLine™. However, I found this a long and tedious process of regression. However, I knew there was a straightforward and effective way of doing this technique. So I mentioned this to Katie, and she offered to take me through the method she was trained to use.
I already had the basics of my timeline, so the pre-talk was unnecessary.

Immediatly I chose the Emotion of Guilt

She asked me the emotion I wished to work on and instantly said Guilt. I didn’t even know where this came from.

She asked me the emotion I wished to work on and instantly said Guilt. I didn’t even know where this came from.

We went back to an 18-month baby being fed by her parents. She did not want to eat, and the mother became concerned and agitated. I spoke to the young child and took the learnings from that time to the present.

That feeling of Guilt disappeared for good.

I have never had that old emotion of Guilt ever again. However, I do have a sense of responsibility which is very different; it leaves me thinking that if I am responsible, I can address and change going forward.
This whole process took about 10 -15 minutes. The difference it made in my life, though, has been enormous. Particularly with relationships.

Are you holding on to an emotion that could be holding you back?

I wonder if you or someone else you know is being held back due to having the emotion of Guilt creating a blockage in the flow of life.

When our emotions*, which are created through energy flowing in and around the physical body, are stuck, a whole host of chaos can erupt.
Think of your body as a pressure cooker. Inside are all the emotions bubbling up from the moment you are born. Some believe that even before birth, past life or from ancestral lineage.

As the lid is placed on tightly, the rational thinking egoic mind starts looking for evidence of why. The emotions become stronger and stronger until they explode and display a myriad of illnesses.

Addiction is self medicating! It doesn’t have to be that way.

This is when we start with either self-medication or medications from the doctors.
Please do not think that I am against medical services. On the contrary, I see GPs and specialists when appropriate. If I have a migraine headache, I take a tablet. It is quick and easy.

TimeLine™ is used to regress a client to a significant emotional event when the problem began. In most cases, it will not be the root cause or event if you can consciously remember a time. So often, what was such a small thing that grew into a massive life-destroying problem? Just think about how many accidents happen due to road rage. Probably generally a placid, easy-going person. They get behind the steering wheel, and wow, a monster erupts.

How often have you said to yourself, “I just don’t know where that came from, I do not normally behave like that.” Is that you? Is it someone else that you have heard say that? Well! We could all be curious, couldn’t we, or we could just take action and book an appointment with a Hypnotherapist. Maybe look out for someone that is in training and wishes to practise.

Hypnotherapy is part of solution-focused therapies. Our aim is to create change in a few sessions. However, no two people are the same or create their problems, in the same way, so no solution is the same.
I am also trained in Past Life Regression, which is very effective for many disorders. I will leave that for my next post.

Guilt can take away so much of your energy and time;

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*Energy in motion=Emotion

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