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Can Hypnotherapy help with Anger?

Using Hypnotherapy for the emotion of anger is a safe and effective way to resolve and bring you back to a balanced and calmer way of being in your daily life.

There is a myriad of emotions that we experience. In emotion code, Dr Bradley Nelson has a chart with 60 emotions that we use to explain how we are feeling. We, however, probably can drill most down to 5 or 6 main ones, anger, guilt, shame, sadness and fear. For example, depression and anxiety are both fear-based. Depression recalls memories and the fear of them reoccurring; anxiety is the fear of a future event, either remembered or imagined. I have never been bungee jumping, but if I think about doing one, I am frozen with fear, my heart starts to race a little faster, and my breathing becomes slightly more shallow.

What has any of this got to do with hypnotherapy for anger?

Anger is an emotion like an erupted volcano, and the more it is suppressed, the bigger the eruption.

Have you ever been a passenger in a car with a person that generally appears relatively calm, then suddenly, out of nowhere, an explosion of foul language and erratic driving? You sit and wonder where it all came from.

It is stored up anger!

So often, the person driving will blame the other idiots on the road because it is always the other person’s fault, and then, in their rational thinking, they will wonder why they behave so erratic.

Anger is the emotion that arises when we feel out of control. So when driving, you only have control over how you respond at the moment, and yet we want to control everyone else going on the roads.

Arguments are caused because we want the other person to understand and agree!

In all arguments, we raise our voices and sometimes become violent because we are not in control of the circumstances. Why can the other person not see or hear what you aim to convey? I am sure you can think back to an event where you wanted to win and be heard or seen.

It gets serious when men and women end up in prison on manslaughter charges, and yes, this does happen.

Booking a session with a hypnotherapist can quickly get to the root event.

I have written about TimeLine™ before.

Think of a pearl necklace; each pearl represents an emotional event, in this case, the emotion of anger. So there has to be a first event connected to begin the chain of events.

Think back to a time you can not consciously recall. Maybe a time when you were in the cot crying with a wet and smelly nappy; you started to cry a little when you first felt uncomfortable. As time passes and no one comes, you become hungry, so the crying is louder and even screaming. You only know how to get your basic needs met by crying. You have no language of words or understanding. Only the feelings inside the body let you know how you are feeling. The next time that feeling (not event) happens, it gets a little more robust in the body and so on, until you are 30+ years old and stored all this in the body.
The body is like a pressure cooker, the emotion growing stronger and with nowhere to go until it erupts in quick outbursts or worse in mental and physical illness.
We could use the TimeLine™ technique by allowing the subconscious to safely guide you back to the first event.
After I have used Timeline™, clients often sit for a moment quietly reflecting and report a feeling of lightness as if they have had a weight lifted from them, which of course, they have. The release of the steam valve of the pressure cooker. The pent-up pressure of storing emotion is challenging for the body and mind.
In acupressure, the therapist looks for where emotions are blocked in the body because EMOTION is E=energy in M=motion and has to be free-flowing.

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