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Dawn Griffith


I am Dawn Griffith, a registered Hypnotherapist in Milton Keynes, U.K.

You are here because we met at an event. Thank you for being curious about my services and taking the time to visit my site and learn more about my services.


 I deliver in-person workshops and Online Webinars throughout the year,  Milton Keynes. Details can be found on Eventbrite.

Past Life Regression for groups of 6-10 people.

You will have an introduction to hypnotherapy and how it can help with many ailments, Both emotional and physical.  

There will be a group PLR which is a positive past life and a relaxing experience, and there will be time for writing down and sharing the experience with others.

I also deliver an Introduction to Intuition/Physic and well-being. 



Individual Therapy

Initially, a call either on the phone or via Zoom. I work with clients in person and over Zoom, and some clients do a combination. This makes a session more accessible to those who are further afield or find it easier to be remote. There are several packages to choose from. 

Trusted Guidance


Life is an adventure, and we are born exploring! We don’t remember being babies and toddlers, but we were once great explorers and adventures. So how would it be to start a new adventure and find out how much more you can achieve with a bit of help?


When working with clients, I aim to bring them back to a state of balance. Life can feel like a balancing act. Download my free tool here to see what part of your life is out of balance. When the mind & body are balanced life feels harmonious.


Change throughout life is inevitable, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Like a flowing river, there are sometimes boulders in the way, yet the water always finds a way to navigate its path to where it is travelling. So can you.

I would really recommend working with Dawn. She has an amazing energy as a practitioner – a perfect balance of a motherly, nurturing energy with an empowering, motivational approach. She is an amazing listener and knows how to make you feel comfortable and put you at ease, so that you can trust the process and surrender to it. She creates a space in which you feel held and supported which is so important when doing this kind of work. I am so happy that I trusted my intuition and reached out to Dawn to help me with my personal challenges.

 Angelika Muzyka

I have been seeing Dawn for anxiety and depression recently. Her guidance and help has really seen me through. The compassion, care, nurturing and knowledge she shows is something very special. You are treated as an individual with individual needs. Dawn is able to motivate and encourage you to reach for the stars even when you don’t believe in yourself... Dawn believes in you ! I would really recommend her. If you want to make a positive change but not sure what direction to take or feeling a little lost in this crazy world. Contact Dawn. You will not regret it. She is one of life’s good people. Get the support you need x


"I've had counselling sessions in the past, but meeting Dawn was a new horizon for me. She has made me realise that I can no longer choose to ignore my own creative power in my daily life. A number of techniques that I've learnt with her have been completely new to me and I found that fairly useful in establishing where my faults lie so that in future- those things holding me back don't trip me up again".


I went to see dawn as I was an emotional wreck and drink was my only escape from it all. I’m now 64 days sober and have a positive outlook on life, the lady is amazing and I would highly recommend her to anybody. Thank you so much.

Pete Mears

Dawn Griffith -Therapy

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