When our children leave home

Happy group of Indian college students with arms up at their graduation ceremony. They off to university For the 1st time, they are leaving. You are feeling a range of emotions from Pride to emptiness, joy to sadness and maybe a terrible sense of fear. Maybe you had a...

Hypnosis, how does it work?

The unconscious is at the core of you. It is where your beliefs and values reside, and these are the control centres of your behaviours. These have been created. Your unconscious is at the core of you. It is where your beliefs and values reside, and these are the...

Dealing with Guilt using Hypnotherapy

Guilt causes us to be blocked Guilt is an emotion I often hear people say they are feeling.We are now entering the last week of September. Autumn. While preparing to go on holiday for the first week of October, I am also working on and in my business. My work is about...

What can Hypnotherapy be used for ?

Through research, we now know that the brain, heart and stomach all have their own unique brains operating separately while also operating coherently. I understand that sounds a bit gibberish. But it is true. Let’s look at it like this. The mind and body work as one whole. After all, it takes many parts to create a tree, yet we see it as a whole.


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