I’m Dawn

And the friendly owner of Dawn Griffith Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

After many years of being in a dark place in my mind and body, I felt isolated and unable to fit in with others. So I used alcohol as a prop as it gave me that warm feeling inside, and I felt confident able to interact and fit in with others. In addition, I found myself happier when I was working as I was serving others and making other people look and feel great, which meant I wasn’t thinking about my feelings of low self-worth. The work led me to put others before family or myself.

I took the time to invest in creating a new experience and upgrading the life that I previously had with all the feelings and thinking that caused me to be dissatisfied and self-destructive.

Those thoughts and feelings are rarely around anymore, and I know they never stay for long when they do pop up. Instead, I feel peace, love, and calm. I have so much joy in my life now and many supportive people around me.

 I trained and transitioned into being an Alternative & well-being therapist where I can facilitate others’ investment in upgrading their life experience to find balance and harmony.

I desire to facilitate your journey to finding joy and peace in your mind and body. 

For the last 6 years, I have worked with clients to overcome trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety and concerns surrounding alcohol, and drug abuse.

I provide a safe, confidential space for us to explore your issues and needs together.

How and why did I start my journey?

For many years, I was an abuser of alcohol, mostly a binge drinker, and I had my first cigarette when I was 11 years old. The worst times were when I felt fear in my relationships and experienced work and money issues.  I never made the connection between my emotional state and how my life was playing out.  Everything was related to my drinking behaviour.  For many of those years, I struggled with feelings of sadness, loneliness and lack of self-worth. Today I am happy, contented, sober, and a non-smoker. 

I want you to know that change is absolutely possible for you too!


I retrained and qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach.

I trained with Edge NLP and the Quest Institutestudying with Trevor Silvester, author of Lovebirds and Grow and Founder of the Quest Institute.  

I further trained in Smoking Cessation, Addiction, Past Life Regression, and Sekhem (a form of Reiki healing). 

I bring many different aspects into my work. For example, I am trained in intuitive practices and often use Angel cards to assist clients in gaining clarity around an issue or question. I also will bring an element of fun into the work to bring in energy change and shift blocks. 

Working with you online (via Zoom) walking and talking or in the comfort of your own home. 

 I aml looking forward to facilitating your transformation and taking back control of your emotions, mind and life because you are in charge of your destiny. So believe that you are worth it. 


Why Choose Me?

DipCHpy – Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Awarded by Trevor Silvester – founder of the Quest Institute at Regents University, London

HPD – Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma

Independently accredited professional qualification for Hypnotherapy in the UK. Verified by the NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy) and accredited by NCFE (National Council for Further Education)

MNLP – Master Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming

An internationally recognised qualification incorporates three influential elements of producing the human experience: neurology, language, and programming.

My Mission

 Support those suffering from the traumas that create PTSD, anxiety, depression and addiction, moving forward to finding inner peace,  joy and love that we all deserve.

 Move away from the blame and shame linked to labels of addiction. Let me help you find who you are? Move away from the limiting beliefs and fears that have kept you stuck in a life of mental and physical turmoil. Move towards a life where feelings of hope and possibility are a reality.

What People Say

“Through Dawn and the help of NLP, I have learned that I am able to control and understand my own mental wellbeing, saying goodbye to anxiety and hello to a new and confident me. Dawn understood my thoughts and feelings with care, confidence and a passion to bring out the best you. We only had 4 sessions, all through Skype, and I was surprised at the changes I noticed and how quickly they made a difference. NLP has given me the tools to keep on developing and improving, and having had Dawn as my guide, I feel like anything is possible!”



“I had questioned smoking for about a year, almost every day, yet couldn’t see how I was ever going to stop the dirty habit. That’s when Dawn stepped in. The hypnosis, the first time worked for 4 days then I caved in after a stressful day at work? couple more weeks of smoking then, Dawn suggested listening to the recording/download that she created for me. each day while smoking, and that 1 day I would just stop. Well…..she was right! it hasn’t been easy but Dawn’s skill, patience and understanding, as an ex-smoker herself, really helped. I have been 2 weeks today without any cigarettes, cold turkey and honestly say that I  am now a NON-SMOKER. (after over a decade of smoking every day!) I have no desire to light up, long may it continue. I fully recommend Dawn to anyone thinking of giving up, have the belief in yourself and believe in Dawn and you’ll do it! Thank you so much, Dawn, for setting me free!!!!”


Manager, Westminster City Council

“I went to see Dawn as I was an emotional wreck and drink was my only escape from it all. I’m now 64 days sober and have a positive outlook on life, the lady is amazing and I would highly recommend her to anybody. Thank you so much.”




I am happy to answer any questions, and if I cannot assist personally, I may be able to introduce you to someone in my network who can.  Get in touch with me by filling out the form below. Alternatively, book now for a free 20-minute discovery call.