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 We can work together so that you can live the life you desire and deserve Your mind is a powerful tool.
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Addiction affects many areas of your life

Transforming behaviours whilst getting your life and mind back in control


If you are unsure if this way of working is for you or if it is effective.  Contact me and we can have a conversation to explore how I can serve you now.


can feel controlling and debilitating. Addiction comes in many forms, most people have a habit of some kind, even coffee can cause health problems.

Whether you are concerned about smoking, drinking, overspending,  social media consumption, gambling or sugar cravings, it is often the same feelings of shame and guilt that you will be left with.

If this sounds like you and you are struggling with addiction, a life that is spiralling out of control, feelings of anxiety and loneliness, maybe family and friends are distancing themselves. I would love to have a chat to find ways of helping you.  Together we can work to transform those old behaviours you no longer want and get your mind and life back in control.


 Speaking to someone about your problem

takes great courage and strength. I provide a safe relaxed confidential service where you can share your concerns.

You are unique with your problem which is why your solution will also be bespoke. Using a range of modalities, hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Ask & Recieve and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

During a session, we will explore the underlying emotions that are causing your presenting problem. Using your inner resources and strengths to create the solution and the desired goals and outcomes for a positive future.

Using practical tools that you can take away and use on your own, There may be homework for you to do, there is support for you in-between the sessions.

A personalised Mp3 download to listen to in-between meetings.

You might be surprised, at how quickly you or someone else starts to notice changes.


My mission is to connect with and help those suffering from addiction to let go and find the peace and joy that we all deserve.

I want to move away from blame and shame, to you identifying or being identified by the labels of addiction. Why not let me help you find who you really are? Move away from the limiting beliefs and fears that have been keeping you stuck in a life of mental and physical torture. Move towards a life where  the feelings of hope and possibility become a reality.


The challenge

 You have an infinite amount of wisdom about your problems and the insecure that keeps you attached. The challenge for you has been making sense of it all while trying to figure out what to do about them. 

Working together

 will enable you to find the strengths and abilities that you already have inside of you This is because you possess everything you have ever needed to create your solutions. You can choose to move on from unwanted behaviours like addiction or phobias that no longer serve you.

Depression and anxiety;

 taking you from the weight of those unwanted heavy feelings and unwanted racing thoughts of being stuck or chained and having no-where to turn or run, to a feeling of lightness, inner calm and a new sense of freedom.

Peace, calm, Joy

is what you can achieve, and that means you will have more energy and freedom to achieve goals and dreams you may have been avoiding. There has sometimes been a sense of no power because you are in the grips of anxiety and depression. Take back your power because you do deserve it.


“Mental health lies within the consciousness of all human beings, but it is shrouded and held prisoner by our own erroneous thoughts.”

Sydney Banks (1931-2009)

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Contact me

“I went to see dawn as I was an emotional wreck and drink was my only escape from it all. I’m now 64 days sober and have a positive outlook on life, the lady is amazing and I would highly recommend her to anybody. Thank you so much.




Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Developed bt Trevor Silvestor, Quest Institute™ uses clinical hypnotherapy and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) together to create a brief solution-focused therapy that allows you to work on letting go of out of date behaviours, limiting beliefs and stuck or trapped emotions. This leaves you free to make new choices for a happier brighter future,

“Through Dawn and the help of NLP, I have learned that I am able to control and understand my own mental wellbeing, saying goodbye to anxiety and hello to a new and confident me. Dawn understood my thoughts and feelings with care, confidence and a passion to bring out the best you. We only had 4 sessions, all through Skype, and I was surprised at the changes I noticed and how quickly they made a difference. NLP has given me the tools to keep on developing and improving, and having had Dawn as my guide, I feel like anything is possible!”




What is Hypnotherapy

A hypnotherapist uses relaxation techniques to help you reach a state where the conscious part of your mind is relaxed and the unconscious part is open and more receptive to the possibility of change. This is called Trance. This is where the use of suggestions will be made by speaking to the unconscious part of your mind to encourage the change you are looking for.

Trance is a state we wander around in for 90% of our day. This is the unconscious state of walking talking driving eating and many more activities that we perform every day without consciously thinking or even being aware of.

Hypnotherapy is used to explore the trance your problem state is operating in and finding a more resourceful state.




How many sessions of hypnotherapy will I need?

The number of sessions depends on your individual circumstances or the reasons for seeking a hypnotherapist. Every hypnotherapist will work differently. Many therapists offer a longer one-off service for smoking cessation.  Some hypnotherapists will deliver hypnotherapy in a single session of up to two hours.

Your hypnotherapist will let you know how many sessions they feel you might need when you start therapy and will be flexible when it comes to decreasing or extending the number of sessions according to your progress and needs.

I offer a package of 3 sessions which includes our initial consultation and two further sessions.






What can hypnotherapy help with?

Hypnotherapy can help with a range of issues from stress and anxiety, irrational fears and phobias, as well as relieving chronic pain conditions. It has also been used to perform surgery without anaesthetic.  Hypno-birthing has become very popular as more parents to be want to deliver their babies naturally.

Click the link below see many more areas that hypnotherapy can be used for.






Any Questions?

I am happy to answer any questions. If I am unable to assist or help you I may well know someone who can. You can get in touch with me by clicking the button below.